Terms and Conditions

General Conditions
1. Products sold by maryjaneleaf.eu may cause sedation or stimulation. Do not drive or operate
dangerous machinery if you feel tired after taking these products.
2. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
3. Products sold by maryjaneleaf.eu may conflict with your prescription medications.
maryjaneleaf.eu does not recommend combining our CBDproducts with prescription medications
until you are sure there will be no conflict. Always consult your doctor before taking any new product.
4. The recommended dosage refers to adults only. For children the dose needs to be significantly lower.
Please do not start your child on the adult dose.
5. All prices and information present on the maryjaneleaf.eu website, and any literature derived
from it, has been compiled with the greatest care. However, maryjaneleaf.eu does not guarantee all
information is accurate or current.
6. No information supplied by maryjaneleaf.eu should be taken as advice or medical knowledge, it
is for general purpose only. Any decision made based solely on the information on this website is done
at your own risk. Our products are not sold to cure or assist any medical condition.

In these Conditions/Terms the following definitions are applicable:
Consideration time: the term during which the consumer can execute the right of withdrawal.
Consumer: the natural person not dealing on behalf of a company or profession and who comes to a
distance agreement with the entrepreneur.
Day: calendar day
A length transaction: a distance agreement related to a series of products and services of which the
delivery obligation and the purchasing are spread over a period of time.
Durable Medium: any instrument which enables the recipient or the entrepreneur to store information
addressed personally to them in a way accessible to future reference for a period of time adequate to
the purpose of the information and which allows the unchanged reproduction of the information stored.
Right of Withdrawal: the possibility for the consumer to terminate the distance agreement within the
consideration term.
Entrepreneur: the natural person or corporation who offers distance products to consumers.
Distance Agreement: an agreement based on a corporate organized system of distance sales of products
and services including the closing of an agreement using one or more techniques of distant
Technique of distant Communication: a means that can be used to close an agreement without the
consumer and the entrepreneur have gathered together in the same place and at the same time.

maryjaneleaf.eu uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) on the checkout pages – this is to protect
your personal details, including your physical address and email address.

The entrepreneur takes all appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the
electronic data transfer and provide safe web environment. If the consumer pays electronically,
the entrepreneur will observe the necessary security measures.

Products and Services
1. maryjaneleaf.eu reserves the right to modify or discontinue any product at any given time
without any notice to the customer or any third party.
2. maryjaneleaf.eu cannot be responsible for any variation in the colour, smell or flavor of
our products. CBD Hemp is a natural product, and is therefore subject to natural variations.
3. We reserve the right, but are not obligated, to restrict sales to any individual, third party,
jurisdictional or geographic region at our discretion.

1. All prices found on the maryjaneleaf.eu website.
2. Any costs included in the price will be clearly stated.
5. maryjaneleaf.eu reserves the right to modify prices without a prior notice.

These general conditions/terms apply to any offer of the entrepreneur and to every finalized
distance agreement between entrepreneur and consumer.
Before the distance agreement is concluded, the text of the general conditions/terms is being
made available to the consumer. If this is reasonably not possible that before the distance
agreement is concluded, it will be indicated that the general conditions/terms can be seen at the
entrepreneur and on request of the consumer these general conditions/terms shall be sent to the
consumer as soon as possible without extra costs.
If the distance agreement is concluded electronically, notwithstanding the previous article and
before the distance agreement is concluded, the text of the general conditions/terms can be made
available electronically to the consumer in such a way that the text can be saved in a simple way
on a durable medium. If this is reasonably not possible that before the distance agreement is
concluded it will be indicated where the consumer can find the general conditions/terms
electronically and that these conditions/terms at the consumer’s request will be sent
electronically or otherwise to the consumer without extra cost.
For the case that besides these general conditions/terms, specific product and service conditions
are also applicable, the second and third article are mutatis and in case of conflicting
conditions/terms the consumer can appeal on the relevant conditions/terms which are the most
favorable for the consumer.

If an offer has a limited validity or has other specifications, this will be emphatically mentioned.
The offer contains a complete and accurate description of the offered products and services. The
description is sufficiently detailed to enable a proper consumer’s assessment of the
products/services. The images used by the entrepreneur are true representations of the products
and services. Obvious mistakes and errors do not bind the entrepreneur.
Each offer contains such information that it is clear for the consumer which rights and
obligations are related to the offer when it is accepted by the consumer. This concerns in
price including taxes
possible costs of delivery
the method of payment, delivery and performance of the contract
the deadline for accepting the offer or the period within the entrepreneur guarantees the price

The Agreement
The agreement is fulfilled at the moment the consumer accepts the offer and meets the
If the consumer has accepted electronically the offer, the entrepreneur immediately confirms
electronically that he has received the acceptance of the offer. As long as the entrepreneur has
not confirmed the acceptance, the consumer can terminate the agreement.
The entrepreneur can notify or check, within the legal framework, if the consumer can meet the
payment obligations, and also check all important facts and factors which are needed to complete
distance agreement.

​ Delivery and Execution
The entrepreneur shall observe in utmost care the reception and execution of orders.
The entrepreneur shall execute the accepted orders expeditiously but not later than within 3
days. If the delivery is delayed or if a delivery cannot or partially be executed, the consumer is
notified about this no later than 15 days after consumer placed the order. In that case the
consumer has the right to terminate the agreement and request full amount compensation.
In the event of termination in accordance with the previous paragraph the entrepreneur shall pay
back the amount that the consumer has paid as soon as possible but no later than 14 days after
the termination.
If the delivery of an ordered product appears to be impossible, the entrepreneur shall strive to
make available a replacement product. At least before the delivery it will be mentioned in a clear
and understandable manner that a replacement product will be delivered. The right of return and

refund cannot be ruled out with regard to replacement products. The costs of a possible return
shipment come at the expense of the entrepreneur.
The entrepreneur is responsible for the risk of damage and/or loss of products until the moment
of delivery to the consumer. If consumer receives a damaged product, consumer should report
this by email within three days.